Baghira, music producer born in Lora del Río, Seville. He was born in 1987, and began his first steps in music production in 2002.

In 2007 Baghira released for free his first album titled ‘Baghirastyle’ with the following collaborations: Kako, Inma del Río, Wol, Juan Martínez, Mizok, 21 Gramos & Zemoh. 11 songs in total, including an instrumental and an unofficial remix of Arianna Puello.

In early 2008, he signed for 81Music. From this moment Baghira worked on the LP Dogma Crew, ‘La 8º plaga’. ‘Fuck the World’ was the single produced by Baghira, whose song was released with an official video. ‘Original Soundtrack’ was one of the works that most have pushed him to recognition. This album was published under the label 81Music, and contains collaborations of Hijo Pródigo, Kako, Latex Diamond, Wol, Zwey, 21 Gramos, Fra, Dj Zide, Mizok & Gordo la Mente. 18 tracks in total, including remixes and instrumentals.

From 2009, Baghira worked on several Spanish albums, working with artists such as Toteking, Nach, SFDK, Legendario, ZPU, Abram, Niko, Xcese, Latex Diamond and many others. However it was in 2010 when he made an international single, producing a track for Rickie Jacobs titled ‘Going Crazy’.

In late 2010 he released for free ‘Bloody Halloween‘, EP with the following collaborations: Celedonio, Xcese, Dj Zide, Kako, Hijo Pródigo, Mowlihawk & Gordo La Mente.

In mid-2011, he leaves 81Music for personal reasons and continues working individually.


In 2011 he released ‘V.I.P. Remixes 2.0’ with Dakaneh and Legendario collaborations. He also released ‘Clubbin’, an EP with remixes. Although the most notable was ‘Bloody Halloween 2‘, The second part of the saga, with collaborations of Úrsula, Legendario, Kako, Abram, Bajo Mínimos, Rayden, Jotandjota & Key-P.

In late 2011 he released another album with two previously unreleased tracks. This album was titled ‘Diggin in the crates for Classics‘, A collage of tributesto the 90’s hip hop, supported by two Spanish artists such as Trafik and Nach, contributing their respective tracks.

On January 15, 2014, Baghira and Shabu released ‘Just One‘, an EP composed of 7 songs, for sale only in digital format (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc).

Pelotas‘, album by Legendario & Baghira was released in 2014. This album successfully completed the Crowdfunding campaign, and its physical copies were for the patrons who contributed during the funding process. This album contains collaborations of Putolargo, Rapsusklei, Capaz, Jefe de la M, Nako13, Núñez, Nerviozzo & Shabu.

For the 2014 and 2015 editions of the ‘Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos’, Baghira produced many of the instrumentals that were used for regional, national and international battles.

On 31 October 2015, Baghira published ‘Bloody Halloween 3: Irreversible‘, 8 tracks EP with the following collaborations: Rayden, Putolargo, Nerviozzo, Mediyama, Zeidah, Shotta, Legendario, Nach & Acción Sánchez (co-producer on Zeidah’s beat). Also a medium length film of about 37 minutes was published, for which all the participants of Bloody Halloween 3: Irreversible have interpreted diverse characters according to the history.

For the ‘Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2016’ edition, Baghira produced 2 exclusive beats, But in the 2017 edition Baghira was part of a team of music producers alongside Khaibeat, C’MON!, Dr. Neo Cortex, Hueco Prods, Dj Nerso y Dj Verse. Altogether there were more than 90 instruments for this edition.